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because white people don’t know how to handle our bodies we should hide them? we shouldn’t dance (dances re:twerking that came to be because of the natural state of our bodies) how we want? we shouldn’t be proud of our bodies? we shouldn’t be able to take control of our sexuality?

i understand 100% what you’re saying and where you’re coming from, but I don’t think the answer to a systematic + racist view + hypersexualization of black women and their bodies is to tell those women to be quiet about who they are and what they look like. how do i find a balance? i remind myself that black people are constantly having to adjust themselves to compromise + coddle white ignorance and i’m just like ….. not okay with that. i remind myself that if i had more powerful, bold women like nicki minaj when i was younger maybe it wouldn’t have taken 22 years for me to feel comfortable and in control of my black woman body.

celebrate nicki because she is so important. she took what they (iggy/miley/katy/taylor) try to do and degrade us with and served it back to them 100000x better. she is showing so many other black girls + women that they can 100% own + celebrate their bodies- and that those bodies do not have to be a garnish of some 10% swedish, 38% french, 8% polish, …….. white pop star. nicki minaj is visibility. how do you keep an oppressed group down? don’t let them learn how to love themselves; uh ohhhhhhh.